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Selling a home, buying a home, or simply just wanting to give your home or office an upscale new look, that is also timeless and practical, LED lighting installation is a must.  LED lighting is a very interesting new way to light up any space, but the best benefits are low energy, high lighting, and customizable. There are a lot of considerations to take into account when looking into lighting for your Kitchen Remodel and this article will give you a lot of kitchen Lighting Ideas.  The main focus of this article will be on LED light strips in the forms of panels, strips. This study on the DOE website gives out some benefits of LEDs.

LED light Strips vs. Bulbs

The main difference in the bulb lights, or even puck lights is the area that the light spreads.  Try to think of the difference between a long fluorescent shop light and a simple bulb light in your bathroom or kitchen most people are familiar with.  The best option is the one that fits your design needs.  We recommend going with the LED light Strips or panels because of their versatility and how they tend to cover a lot more area when lighting.  Bulbs tend to be limited in their reach and need to have a place to install them whereas most panels and lights simply need power.

LED light Strips and panels

The difference in strips is that they can typically be cut to length for customization on site, where panels are only cut to length and customized at the manufacturing plant. They both offer the wonderful benefit of a light for under cabinets or in kick lighting.  The higher end lights are typically not water proof, and are usually lights that will last longer than 10 years or 100,000 working hours.  Another difference is how the light is displayed or distributed on the surface it hits.

Light explained

If you don’t already know, LED light strips look like little flat led “bulbs” that emit light.  The spacing between bulbs, or more properly called “Diodes” hence Light Emitting Diodes, is what determines the brightness such as mega, ultra, super and normal bright light.  On LED light strips the diodes are exposed, in panels they are diffused to prevent the diode from directly reflecting on to surfaces such as Granite or other reflective material.


The do it your selfer will really like LED lighting because both strips and panels are very easy and in most cases doesn’t require an electrician.  That is why these products are so popular on Amazon.  You can find light ideas from Inspired LED here for more kitchen lighting ideas

The professional install

There are still plenty of uses for electricians and handymen.  The whole LED lighting industry has hard-wire options for LED lights that can tie right into the current dimming system.  Most companies will need to reach out to a lighting company that knows its LEDs such as the LED manufacturing company Inspired LED.  You will want to figure out what your lighting goals are before you decide you will need a professional, or if you will be able to do the DIY route.  Keep in mind there is a time involvement with what will need to get accomplished.  One of the most important things you will need for lighting is measurements.

Good measurements to take for lighting

There are a few things you want to think about for measuring so you can purchase the right lighting accessories.

  1. Length of the surface the light will be attached to (to see if your precut panel or strip will fit and provide as much light as you desire.
  2. The distance from the power source to the light switch
  3. The distance from the switch to the first light it will be connected to
  4. Any other plug ins, dimmer, distribution box, tiger paws.
  5. Total length of lighting panels or strips needed.

The final thoughts on Kitchen Lighting Ideas

This article focused solely on LED light Strips and Bars and it is mainly because they are the future, green, and highly customizable to make any lighting awesome.  There are also ideas such as lighting the island, above the cabinets, below the cabinets, inside of the cabinets.  There are also other rooms that weren’t discussed such as the bathroom, bedroom, closet, garage, shop, and library/ study. Basically you can Amazon search LED lights, or Google Search LED lighting ideas.