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How to light up your business and living spaces

Lighting in the Kitchen: Past, Present, and Future

 Using light in our homes whether it’s natural sunlight, lighting candles, or using LEDs it is always an enduring relationship we have with Light. Since the beginning it was said, “Let there be light”…Ever since then our perception has been very visual.  For good reason we have 2 eyes.  Candles were the way to light homes and businesses about 1 century ago, up to today where light bulbs can even be printed on a T-shirt.  Incredible how far we have come as a people with our lighting methods in just about 200 years. The point of this article is to educate you on the lighting methods used in the world throughout time, and the significant people who have impacted this industry.  That is the point behind, “” We aim to educate you on who they are behind the popular Lighting professionals and how they were influential in the past, present and future.

Past lighting and why it is important to know

In history the using of torches and candlelight was very common and quite easy to accomplish.  The importance of why you need to understand the past in order to know the future lies in the measurement of light.  You can go here to see the significance of why Lighting is measured in lumens which is related to how much light a candle gave off.  There are other words used such as lux, and various other SI measurements that relate to how a Watt is no longer in use to describe electrical power it is now luminous flux (lm)

What is the correct way to measure light?

The best way to determine what light you will specifically need while lighting your kitchen area or Common cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, or general LED backlight.  Essentially look around at the current light that you already have installed.  Ask yourself the following questions: Do you like the current color? Do you want more lighting like this? Do you want to match colors, or do you want something different?  Do you care if the different colors are in the same room for different areas?  One simple way to find out the difference in lighting is to look in the bathroom, under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and look in the dining room.  Usually there is a warm light in the dining room and a Cool white in the bathroom. 

Measure the length of the LED light area

Let’s just get straight to the point for the future.  The LED lighting industry is the future.  The best way to look at lighting is to also note that the light bulb and the old fluorescent tubes are disappearing.  The lighter and longer lasting materials used for LEDs have been adapted to look like these fixtures and to fit into lamps etc. for the past few years; however, this is not the future of lighting.  I would like you to consider that the strip lighting and the panel lighting is the new future.  Which is good for your energy consumption and pocket book.  Not to mention the benefits of cover a longer area of lights.  This is what makes it perfect for Under Cabinet Lighting.

Under Cabinet Kitchen LED lighting

The newest look of Lighting an area under your countertops, inside of cabinets and even above cabinets makes the LED light strips and LED panels the best way to really change your ambiance of your kitchen to an upscale living space. Under cabinet lighting has consisted of many different lights, even including puck lighting.  There are also a lot of companies that have decided to place heavy emphasis on how the LED strip lights look and even color changing features, versus the actual quality of the lights.  Quality of the type of Under Cabinet Lights you purchase can mean the difference of 8 years in how long the lights last.

Do quality lighting companies exist? Who are they anyway?

There are companies that have achieved superior quality along with high end lights that will last the length of most homeowners stay in their home.  There is a way to keep under cabinet lighting professional without bulky puck lights or the hard work of cutting and even having recessed lighting.  It seems simple, but a simple strip of LED lights with adhesive backing can accomplish the same effect that a light bar or LED light panel can achieve.

What is the real future of Lighting?

Light Emitting Diodes or “LEDs” are the future.  They are modern, but this type of technology is also the future of lighting.  Simply put, they can go anywhere and light just about anything. LED lights as mentioned before can be embedded into clothing, and used in computers, cars, boats, planes, even in medical equipment.  But the real future will be in the DIY.  People are just simply attracted to what they can customize.  It’s like in a way.  People need a way to customize everything to fit their own personal space under cabinet lighting and the Cut and Connect Series by Inspired LED gives them that level of customization that they need.

LED light Strips the Cut and Connect series for Under Cabinet lighting

Take all the benefits of LED light strips, LED panels, and even very bright LED Puck lights or fluorescent type tubes and you can place them all into 1 do it yourself place: The Cut and Connect series.  Not many companies in the LED industry have fully grasped the awesome power behind this series of lights that are simple LEDs on an adhesive strip that can be cut to length and connected again with interconnect cables.  Very professional and sleek for Under Cabinet Lighting.  The amount of lights needs to be considered since simple physics starts to go into effect.  Meaning higher amp plugs and voltage is needed, but the simple ideas are all one needs, when companies are willing to help customize and design your lighting in your office or home such as Inspired LED offers.  The only question you should ask yourself is, “what color of light should I purchase?”

Pure white will be the most popular under cabinet LED light strip

Warm white has typically been the most popular light color for years.  Most people don’t even know what “warm white” is but if you look around your house or other places you will start to take notice that it is a yellowish look to it, it gives the feeling of warmth.  Whereas the blue hue of LED lights comes from a Cool White color.  The difference is 3000K for Warm White and 6500K for Cool White.  However, the newest color temperature that most matches the natural sunlight is ~4200K, also known as Pure White. 

Pure white functionality

The Pure White color is most used in places where ambient light works the best not just for brightness but also for therapeutic purposes such as the Back Lighting of Flat Screen TVs.  Most people don’t realize but the dark light room with a bright TV on causes Eye strain.  This is easily reduced by installing a backlight for the television.  Although many companies sell a lot of multicolor (RGB) back lights, the best backlight is the Pure White.  Its effects on the eyes produce the best relief for eye strain in the dark room.  This is also great for Under Cabinet Lighting in the kitchen where most people will wander in the middle of the night or early morning.

Where can I buy?

In order to purchase you can find multiple LED lighting companies on Google or Amazon.  Most major cities have some sort of LED lighting company or distributor as well.  Of course we personally recommend the best merchant site Amazon to purchase; however, you will find a lot of cheaply made products there, so go with the company that backs their LED products for 11 + years Inspired LED.  Go here LED Cabinet Lighting to purchase on Amazon through them.